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Textile cleaning

At Tintorería Bellosur, we provide washing services for a wide range of clothing like:

Shirts, T-shirt, pants, jacket, dress, skirt, etc.


Smart Clothing such as

Wedding dresses, christenings, first communion, prom dresses, costumes, uniforms, furs...

And linen

Towels, sheets, duvets, bedspreads, blankets, curtains, cushions, linings...

It is our mission to observe the properties of the fibers and adapt our treatments in accordance with the identification of their fabrics, for this we use our specialized techniques when treating each type of garment to obtain optimal results and guarantee the conservation of these (fibers such as wool and silk or vegetables such as cotton, linen, as well as artificial, viscose, or synthetic fibers such as polyester).

Depending on the type of fiber, we will carry out both an ecological based wash and the use of perchlorate for dry cleaning.